One empty bottle or can becomes almost one new one as the high quality of the material is maintained.

You will almost certainly be drinking from a bottle or can made from recycled glass, plastic or aluminium when you open a bottle of water or a can of beer. This is because the material can be used again and again.

The Danish deposit and return system is based on the principle of a closed resource cycle. Bottles and cans for beverages can be returned to specific locations such as reverse vending machines in supermarkets or ‘pantstations’ (deposit return banks).

The advantage of this system is that the material can continue to have adequate quality to be used again for food. Strict health regulations cover the aluminium, plastic and glass we drink from.

This is why aluminium from used beer cans may solely be used for new beer cans if it has not been mixed with other aluminium items such as empty paint cans. Similarly, glass bottles cannot be recycled into new bottles containing soft drinks if the glass has been mixed with waste glass from light bulbs, for example.

When we send plastic, glass and aluminium from bottles and cans for processing, the material goes exclusively to facilities and companies that are approved to manufacture food packaging. We inspect regularly to ensure that the requirements are met.

The result is premier division recycling. Through Dansk Retursystem, one empty bottle or can becomes nearly one new bottle and can. Very little material is wasted during this process.