top_90 af 100 retur

Dansk Retursystem aims to achieve a high percentage of returns.

Danes excel at returning their empty bottles and cans. 90% of all bottles and cans return to the system so that the aluminium, plastic and glass can be melted and turned into new bottles and cans. But we have higher ambitions.

In the ideal world, all deposit-marked bottles and cans would be returned, giving 100% returns. However, this is not possible, because consumers take bottles of water and cans of beer on holiday in other countries and leave them there.

But the percentage of returns can rise if everyone makes an extra effort. Every year, more and more one-way bottles and cans are sold, but only 89% had been returned. However, in 2015, 90% were returned for the first time. This extra one percentage point sounds small, but it represents more than 12 million more bottles and cans that can be recycled.

However, this still means that 10% of all bottles and cans do not get to Dansk Retursystem’s factories. This is why we are continually developing new methods to make returning bottles and cans easier for consumers and stores.

One initiative is establishing new Pantstations (deposit return banks), at which consumers can deliver up to 90 bottles and cans at a time in the same sack. Another is deposit return bins, which Dansk Retursystem helped to develop, attached to public waste bins in the City of Copenhagen. Consumers can leave their empty bottles and cans in these bins, allowing other people to return the bottles and cans and collect the deposits.