We purchase ecolabelled products and as many products as possible that can be recycled.

Dansk Retursystem is a member of Ecolabelling Denmark’s network for companies that purchase ecolabelled products. Basically, we try to source products with the Nordic Ecolabel and European Ecolabel, and every year we document that our purchasing across a range of areas lives up to a high standard. In this way, we help to create demand for sustainable products.

We also strive to ensure that our own products can be recycled. For example, the special Pantstation sacks are made from a material that can be melted and used again. Employees at Dansk Retursystem’s factories wear work clothes from a laundry with the Nordic Ecolabel, and we send the kitchen waste from our canteens for composting and conversion into biogas.

In the coming years, our focus on environmentally friendly purchasing will increase.