There are several options for installing technical equipment in the bottle-handling rooms that may make the handling of bottles and cans and the refunding of deposits to customers easier and more efficient.

If you are thinking about purchasing technical equipment, you are always welcome to contact Dansk Retursystem at +45 43 32 32 32 to book a visit from one of our consultants or for advice.

Reverse vending machines

Having a reverse vending machine is a precondition for installing additional technical equipment in the bottle-handling room. You are responsible for obtaining a reverse vending machine. If requested, Dansk Retursystem can advise you about our equipment requirements if you plan to connect a reverse vending machine to technical equipment from us.

Central control unit and camera

Your reverse vending machine must be connected to a central control unit and camera to enable it to recognize and be continually updated on all the one-way bottles and cans. The camera ensures that one-way packaging passing through the reverse vending machine is scanned correctly.

The control unit communicates online with Dansk Retursystem, thereby ensuring that the reverse vending machine can receive the empty bottles and cans from beverages registered with the deposit and return system. The control unit also handles the refunding of deposits to customers for one-way packaging.

The control unit can also be configured to sort the type of refillable bottles you take back, and it will always be updated if, for example, a refillable bottle is phased out of the deposit and return system.

The central control unit and camera may be borrowed free of charge from Dansk Retursystem.

Sealed container or compactor

Depending on how many one-way bottles and cans you take back, you can choose to rent a sealed container system or a compactor system for your reverse vending machine. You can borrow this equipment free of charge if you take back more than a specific minimum quantity of one-way bottles and cans every year. Dansk Retursystem will advise you about the most appropriate solution for you and the optimum layout of your technical equipment in your bottle-handling room. Contact Dansk Retursystem if you wish to install either a sealed container system or a compactor system.

Technical support

If you have any problems with your technical equipment, Dansk Retursystem can often help you over the telephone via the central control unit and camera.

Our Technical Service Centre can see the last 100 items placed in the reverse vending machine and is therefore able to more easily rectify possible errors.