Register for collection of empty one-way packaging.

Commercial enterprises that sell, supply or transfer beverages in one-way bottles or cans on which deposits are payable can register voluntarily, and free of charge, for the collection scheme of Dansk Retursystem. Once you are registered, Dansk Retursystem will collect your empty one-way packaging.

All commercial enterprises such as shops, office-based companies, kiosks, hotels, restaurants, catering companies and others can register to join the collection scheme. Festivals, major sporting events, exhibitions and similar organizations can also apply to have empty one-way packaging collected.

You must have an account at a bank in Denmark to register for the collection scheme. Dansk Retursystem A/S does not transfer money abroad.

Registration certificate

After receiving all the necessary information, Dansk Retursystem will decide whether a company meets the registration criteria. You will then receive a registration certificate. Once your company is registered for the collection scheme, you will receive the necessary starter pack. We will also send you the collection equipment and supplies you need to use.