Basically, Dansk Retursystem must collect packaging from a returns recipient every 4 weeks. In practice, we arrange the collections based on a detailed assessment of your volumes and practical circumstances, the collection schedules of Dansk Retursystem and a realistic financial assessment.

Dansk Retursystem bases its assessment on:

  • the physical storage situation at your premises and the quantities that will be collected;
  • the location: the more returns recipients in a collection area, the greater the opportunities for frequent collection;
  • which collection equipment and supplies you are using;
  • which collection vehicle can be used most environmentally efficiently at your premises; and
  • an overall assessment of what is financially realistic.

Dansk Retursystem evaluates your collection requirements on an ongoing basis to make our collections as efficient as possible. If necessary, we reserve the right to change your collection schedule and collection equipment as necessary. Dansk Retursystem will provide at least 14 days’ notice of any such changes. Please note that we require a certain minimum quantity to make a collection.

Fixed or variable collection

Dansk Retursystem offers the following collection options:

  • several collections weekly if you have large quantities of one-way packaging;
  • fixed collections every week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks if you have large quantities of one-way packaging; or
  • variable collections for smaller quantities of one-way packaging, meaning that you need to order collection with Dansk Retursystem.

Please note that, because we amend our timetables in the interests of continual improvement, your collection day may change. We will advise you of any such changes.

Same day of the week

Please note that, in relation to timetable amendments, you will always have collection on the same day of the week if you have a fixed collection agreement. Conversely, if you have a variable collection agreement, we will find the optimal collection option as quickly as possible. A maximum of 5 collection days will elapse between the time of ordering a collection and collecting your one-way bottles and cans. We will advise you by e-mail or telephone when we will be arriving.

Collection times

Basically, Dansk Retursystem makes collections between 6:00 and 18:00 on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. We can, however, make collections round the clock.

Dansk Retursystem plans the timing of collections. We cannot guarantee a fixed collection time or a particular time frame, but only which day we come. However, we will always do our utmost to plan the routes based on the type of returns recipient, such as a grocery shop, supermarket or an office. Dansk Retursystem can only arrange collections at specified times in exceptional circumstances. This applies when third parties set limits for when we can make collections: for example, environmental zones or closed areas such as amusement parks or festivals that have particular entry requirements to the area.

One possibility is to sign up for a call scheme, in which the driver calls to tell you the expected time of arrival. In exceptional cases, you can sign up for a key entry scheme when you will either not be present or are not open at a time when Dansk Retursystem A/S is able to collect.

Call and key entry schemes

Dansk Retursystem offers a scheme in which the driver calls you on a collection day to tell you the expected time of arrival. If you do not answer, Dansk Retursystem will attempt to make the collection anyway.

If you are not usually at the collection site, the call scheme can also be used to let you know what time you need to be there. In this situation, you cannot always expect Dansk Retursystem to make the collection if you do not answer the telephone. You will therefore have to wait for the next ordinary collection. Remember to advise Dansk Retursystem if you change your telephone number.

In exceptional cases, returns recipients that cannot be present when Dansk Retursystem calls to collect can have a key entry scheme. This means that you accept responsibility for delivering a key and any alarm code to Dansk Retursystem. Under a key entry scheme, you do not have the opportunity to check the receipt delivered by the driver, which will make challenging the figures more difficult.

Contact Customer Service to find out more about the call or key entry schemes.