Dansk Retursystem A/S collects and refunds the deposits on all empty one-way bottles and cans containing beverages with the Danish deposit mark covered by the Danish deposit and return system.

We also collect bottles and cans purchased outside Denmark that are comparable to the one-way bottles and cans covered by the Danish deposit and return system. However, we do not refund deposits on these items.

We will also take back other types of packaging such as fruit juice bottles that have mistakenly been mixed up with one-way packaging. However, we never refund deposits on these.

Empty packaging only

Dansk Retursystem requires that all packaging be empty before returning it. This is important because the personnel responsible for handling the sacks must lift them and because liquid and condensation can lead to quality problems when processing the material into new bottles and cans.

We neither take back nor refund the deposits on full packaging. It is therefore not possible to use Dansk Retursystem A/S for disposing of beverages that have, for example, passed their sell-by date.

What we do not collect

Dansk Retursystem does not collect:

  • wine and spirit packaging as well as fermented beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 10%
  • refillable packaging, meaning returnable bottles which breweries and others collect and refill, and we never refund deposits on refillable bottles
  • packaging for beverages that are not ready to drink, such as bottles containing juice concentrate (squash)
  • cardboard packaging
  • packaging with a volume greater than 20 litres.

Dansk Retursystem never collects packaging not containing beverages such as food tins, bottles for edible oils and similar products or other types of waste that should be disposed of through a municipal waste-collection scheme.

The refunding of deposits by Dansk Retursystem is based on mechanical counting of the packaging. If you manually take back crushed or crumpled bottles or cans there is a risk that our counting machines will not be able to identify them. Under these circumstances we cannot guarantee to refund the deposit on these items.


Despite the above provisions, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency may mandate Dansk Retursystem to collect other types of packaging – for example, refillable bottles that are being phased out of the Danish market.

There may therefore be times when you will be informed that Dansk Retursystem A/S is taking back other types of packaging, although this typically will only apply for a limited period of time.