Dansk Retursystem will start to charge a fee of DKK 345 plus VAT for unsuccessful collection of empty packaging – when the customer is at fault.

Section 37 of the Statutory Order on Deposits and Collection of Packaging stipulates that Dansk Retursystem must collect a fee of DKK 345 plus VAT. This is equivalent to the average cost of a collection trip by Dansk Retursystem in 2013. The fee applies to all unsuccessful visits to customers throughout Denmark.

Dansk Retursystem charges a fee when:

– The customer has nothing for the driver to collect;
– The customer cancels the collection after the driver from Dansk Retursystem has left the depot;
– The customer is not at the premises or turns the driver away on arrival; and
– The driver cannot load the collection material because of circumstances at the customer’s premises, such as the collection material not being ready or being inaccessible.

No fee is charged if access to the premises is blocked by suppliers’ lorries that are unloading goods. Customers can still register for Dansk Retursystem’s collection scheme free of charge.