If you have registered for glass bottles to be collected in collapsible pallet boxes, Dansk Retursystem will calculate how many of each you will need to use and our drivers will deliver them to you. Collapsible pallet boxes are always supplied with lids.

When registering, you will also receive a starter pack by post containing: 100 black tie strips for closing the box, 25 locking cleats and 25 tie strips and barcodes for marking them. The barcodes tell us to whom the pallet boxes and containers belong and allocate a unique serial number to each one. You can order more closing kits on an ongoing basis. You pay a deposit of DKK 10 for each kit, which is refunded together with the deposits on the glass bottles returned. If you lose a barcode or one is damaged, you can order a replacement at a cost of DKK 5 each. This amount will not be refunded.

Please note that we will not refund your deposits if you use damaged or incorrect barcodes or barcodes allocated to others.

Dansk Retursystem charges a deposit for a collapsible pallet boxes. Currently, the deposits are:

  • DKK 1,200 excluding VAT

If you require additional pallet boxes or collapsible pallet boxes, contact Dansk Retursystem, which will assess whether the number should be adjusted.