If you register for collection in sacks, Dansk Retursystem will automatically send you a starter pack when you register.

The pack contains a quantity of sacks with the accompanying barcodes and strips with which to close and mark the sacks. The barcode tells us to whom the sack belongs and allocates it a unique serial number.

Once you have used all the items in the starter pack, you are responsible for ordering new sacks, strips and barcodes. Please note that we will not refund your deposits if you use damaged or incorrect barcodes or barcodes allocated to others. New sacks with the accompanying strips and barcodes cost DKK 10 each. We deliver them in packs of 10, minimum 2 packs.

The deposit amounts, which exclude Danish VAT, are refunded together with the deposits on your packaging. If you lose a barcode or one is damaged, you can order a replacement at a cost of DKK 5 each. This amount will not be refunded.

Paying for collecting sacks

Restaurants, cafés, hotels, offices and other recipients of returns with a limited mandate to take back empty disposable packaging must pay for the sacks they use.

The price of a large sack is DKK 6 plus VAT.

You will continue to pay DKK 10 plus VAT as a deposit for each collection sack kit. Your deposit will also be refunded for the sacks collected. The cost of the sacks we collect will subsequently be offset against the amount that you will receive. The payment will be shown on your account summary.

Sack holders

Dansk Retursystem can provide holders for storing empty plastic and metal one-way packaging. The white holder is lined with a sack from Dansk Retursystem so the packaging does not need to be transferred.

Hvidt_stativ                         Hvide_låg

Dimensions                                     Container tops
Length: 51 cm
Width: 51 cm
Height: 97 cm

Contact Customer Service at +45 43 32 32 32