When Dansk Retursystem has finished making a collection at your premises, you will receive a receipt showing how much and which equipment we have collected.

In addition, our driver will ask for your signature, confirming that you have received the relevant numbers of empty bulk containers, collapsible pallet boxes and sealed containers. It is important that you advise the driver if you do not agree with what is printed on the receipt. If you do not manage to speak to the driver while on the premises, contact Customer Service at Dansk Retursystem as soon as possible.

If you are not present when the collection is made, either because you are on a key entry scheme or you have placed your empty bottles and cans for collection in a publicly accessible space, you will receive a receipt in a postbox or similar location. In this situation, you will not be able to sign for the quantity of collection equipment and supplies delivered. You are responsible for notifying us if you do not agree with the relevant numbers of bulk containers, collapsible boxes and sealed containers itemized on the receipt. Dansk Retursystem charges deposits based on the information on the receipt. If you have placed you collection equipment in a publicly accessible place, you are responsible for any discrepancies in the total amount of material for which Dansk Retursystem has provided a receipt.