To help Dansk Retursystem plan its collections as efficiently as possible, it is important that you contact us if you want us to collect larger or smaller volumes of packaging than previously agreed.

This is to ensure that everyone can have their packaging collected as planned. This also benefits the environment because it means that our vehicles can utilize their load space as efficiently as possible, thereby avoiding extra trips.

This applies whether or not you sign up for fixed collection or order collection as required. The reasons for contacting us may include that you have been unable to fill the collection equipment that you wanted us to collect. Dansk Retursystem wishes to be informed of any such changes.

You must notify Dansk Retursystem A/S of any changes or cancellations by 10:00 one working day before the planned collection.

If Dansk Retursystem is responsible for any unforeseen changes to the agreed collection, we will always do our best to arrange a special collection and/or delivery.

Changes to collections may arise. For example if Dansk Retursystem collects on a different day than the one originally agreed upon, this could be in connection with a holiday or if Dansk Retursystem A/S has been unable to collect the total amount agreed upon due to lack of space on a vehicle.