Dansk Retursystem strives to match its collections and any use of the various types of collection equipment to your collection and storage facilities. As a returns recipient, you are responsible, however, for ensuring reasonable access conditions to enable Dansk Retursystem to make the collection in a way that respects the working environment of our drivers.

This includes being able to park a collection vehicle weighing at least 3500 kg close to the collection site. When collecting larger volumes from major returns recipients, Dansk Retursystem may need to use larger vehicles.

As a general rule, we cannot accept footpath or split-level access. In exceptional cases, and by agreement, Dansk Retursystem will accept the use of short and level footpath access.

This means that you may be asked to make changes to your collection site: for example, by installing chutes or ramps or making similar improvements. Dansk Retursystem may ask a transport consultant to contact you if necessary. The consultant will assess the conditions and will determine on what terms Dansk Retursystem can undertake collections. The consultant will also be able to advise you on changes to the collection environment.

In particular, sacks must be collected at street level, unless an elevator is available. A driver is only allowed to climb a maximum of five steps. The collection of pallets and containers requires a solid base.

Inform Dansk Retursystem if access conditions temporarily change: for example, as a result of road works or construction. Lack of access may mean that Dansk Retursystem cannot guarantee collections. However, we will do our best to find a solution that works for both parties.

You must always remember to clear any snow, ice or water to ensure unhindered access for collections.

Dansk Retursystem will advise you if we consider that we cannot make collections because of lack of access. Thereafter, you are responsible for advising us when conditions have returned to normal.

For security reasons, collections will always only be made from locked compounds or similar areas. Dansk Retursystem requires that you never place your bottles and cans ready for collection in publicly accessible areas. However, if you choose to do so, this is at your own risk.