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About Dansk Retursystem:

What does the law say about the Danish refund and deposit system? How is it financed and who is behind?
Subpages: Regulated by law /Funding of the deposit and return system/ Many actors involved in the deposit and return system/ Annual report and key figures/Management/ Ownership and Board of directors


Check whether Dansk Retursystem has any vacant jobs. (only in Danish).


Subpages: News / Press contact / Annual Report and key figures /Images and graphics

Children and schools:

Visit our universe for schools. Here teachers and pupils can learn more about recycling.
Subpages: Learn with the Can Clan / Textbook on recycling / Come and visit us

Public tenders:

Dansk Retursystem A/S is a company subject to EU public procurement regulations. Current tenders are published on this website.

All about deposits:

See the refund amounts for various types of bottles and cans, and read more about how the system works.
Subpages: Deposit amounts/ See the deposit marks/ Recycle cans bought outside Denmark/ Where to take your bottles and cans/ What you can return/ Explanation for typical problems

Use again and again:

Read more about what happens to the bottles and cans after you leave them in the reverse vending machine.
Subpages: Long life for bottles and cans/ 90 of 100 are returned/ Great environmental benefits/ Recycle or reuse / Different type of recycling/ From factory to processing/ How bottles and cans are made

Helping the environment:

Dansk Retursystem contributes to af better environment and climate.
Subpages: Climate-friendly energi/ Our purchasing policy / Social responsibility in hiring/ Ambition on corporate social responsibility


Link to our site pantstation.dk. Read about how to use the pantstation.

Store, office, restaurant:

Read about duties and services if you are legally obligated to take back packaging and refund the deposits paid.
Subpages: Order Collection/ Order sacks and closing kits/ Register for Collection/ About collection/ Getting ready for collection/ Handling remuneration/ Technical equipment and service/ Know the rules/ Information material

Importer, producer and intermediaries:

Read about what to do if you want to sell, supply or transfer beverages in Denmark on which deposits are payable.
Subpages: Self-service (link to our site for self-service)/ Register company/ Intermediaries and distributors/ Register packaging/About one-way packaging/ About refillable bottles/ Deposits and fees/ Reporting of sales and return volumes