If you sell beverages in refillable packaging, you must report your sales and return volumes.

However, this only applies to sales to shops: commercial enterprises that sell beverages to consumers on which deposits are payable that are intended for consumption in places other than the place of purchase. This also applies to intermediaries with fixed places of business and a wide selection of groceries.

Reporting through the portal

Both sales and returns reports should be submitted via Dansk Retursystem’s portal by the 15th of each calendar month at the latest. This is the only place at which suppliers can report.

Sales reporting

For sales reporting, you may choose between detailed or modified reporting of sales depending on your annual sales volumes. Please note that the type of reporting you choose is binding for the current calendar year.

Return reporting

For return reporting, meaning how many items of packaging are returned to you, you must always report at a detailed level every 4 weeks, per shop (including distributors) or per intermediary – listed by name and address and allocated according to the three sales and return Groups:

  • glass packaging;
  • PET plastic packaging of 0.99 litres or less; and
  • PET plastic packaging of 1 litre or more.

Based on your reporting of sales volumes, Dansk Retursystem can collect the correct fees and can pay the handling payment to your customers based on your reporting of return volumes.

In addition, you must report your total sales volumes annually to enable Dansk Retursystem to calculate the return percentage.

Modified 4-week reporting

You may choose “Modified 4-week reporting” if you sell less than 20 million items of refillable packaging annually.

Modified 4-week reporting requires less administration because you only need to report how much you sell to all shops (including distributors) and to all intermediaries – allocated according to the three sales and return groups (see above).

Detailed 4-week reporting

Companies that sell, supply or transfer more than 20 million items of refillable packaging annually must report their sales in detail.

This means that you must report your sales every 4 weeks for each individual customer – listed by name and address and allocated according to the three sales and return groups (see above).

Mandatory annual reporting

All importers and producers must report their total sales and return volumes of refillable packaging once a year. Based on the figures reported, Dansk Retursystem can calculate the national return percentage for refillable packaging.

Dansk Retursystem is also responsible for checking that that your overall return percentage for refillable packaging is 75% after 1 year – and a return percentage equivalent to one-way packaging of the same material after 2 years.

You report directly to Dansk Retursystem using a form that we send you.