It is important that you register and have your products deposit marked. Failing to register is illegal. The Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT) may confiscate unregistered goods at the border when you import them or subsequently.

Failure to register also means that reverse vending machines will not refund the deposit, thus cheating consumers who have paid a deposit. This reflects poorly on the deposit and return system and on the reputation of your company.

Importing beverages

Please note that products may be imported without a deposit mark but only if they have been registered with Dansk Retursystem before they are imported. A copy of the certificate of packaging registration must always accompany the product, regardless of from where it is imported.

Any products imported must be deposit marked before they are sold or supplied by the importer.

If you own a shop or another sales outlet that sells directly to consumers, you are not permitted to have beverages that are not deposit marked on the premises. Products without a deposit mark may be kept in a storage facility. The products must, however, be registered, and the storage facility must be located at least 1 kilometre from the sales location.

If you import products that are registered with secondary, self-adhesive deposit marks that are placed manually on the packaging, please note the following:

The original barcode and GTIN (previously EAN number) shown on the certificate of packaging registration must be the same as the original and directly printed barcode and GTIN on the product you are importing.

Some products may not have a directly printed and original barcode and GTIN. These will always have secondary, self-adhesive deposit marks with a unique Danish barcode and GTIN number, which will also be shown on the certificate of packaging registration.