You may register an item of one-way packaging with primary marking. This means that the deposit mark is printed directly on the packaging or on the label of the packaging.

We will advise you about deposit marking when you register your packaging.


Examples of primary marking

If you choose primary marking, you will subsequently need to report your sales to Dansk Retursystem. Based on your sales, Dansk Retursystem will collect the deposits and fees.

Providing collateral

If you choose primary marking, Dansk Retursystem will require you to provide collateral to guarantee the payment of deposits and fees.

Layout of the label

Dansk Retursystem supplies the necessary print files for printing the deposit marks for primary marking. Dansk Retursystem will ensure that the deposit marking conforms to the rules laid down in the Statutory Order.

Before your packaging can be registered, Dansk Retursystem needs to approve the layout of the label in relation to positioning of the deposit mark and the barcode. You can either send your packaging with your completed label or you can send the packaging together with a suggested layout showing the deposit mark and the barcode. We recommend that you send us a suggested layout that will allow you to change the label if it does not satisfy the marking requirements.

The layout may be sent by post or by e-mail as a PDF or JPG file to [email protected]