We recommend that you use our emballageregistrering.dk portal when you purchase self-adhesive deposit marks, especially in large quantities. This is where you can search for your registered products, reorder previous orders and pay using a bank card.

You can also order the self-adhesive labels by filling in the form below. Please note that you may solely order self-adhesive deposit marks for one-way packaging that is registered with Dansk Retursystem.

The normal delivery time for self-adhesive deposit marks is:

  • 2 working days for self-adhesive deposit marks without a barcode; and
  • 7 working days for self-adhesive deposit marks with a barcode.

Fill in the required fields marked with a red * and click the [Submit] button.

If you make a mistake, you can delete the entry by clicking the [Reset] button.

Please note that we will only deliver your order once you have paid for the deposit marks.

If you need to order self-adhesive deposit marks in smaller quantities in exceptional circumstances, you can contact our Quality and Packaging Department.

Cancelling an order

If you have ordered self-adhesive deposit marks, you may cancel the order as long as it has not been sent. This applies to labels ordered using the form below and via the online portal.

If you cancel an order, you are required to cover the costs of printing the labels incurred by Dansk Retursystem.

Purchase self-adhesive marks only from Dansk Retursystem. Deposit marks offered to you by third parties are probably fraudulent.

Go to emballageregistrering.dk to order self-adhesive deposit marks or contact our Department of Providers and Quality by e-mail or phone: +45 43 32 32 32.