Importers and producers that market beverages in one-way packaging on which deposits are payable must register the packaging with the Danish deposit and return system. When you register an item of packaging, you must therefore decide how the packaging will be deposit marked.

The deposit mark comprises a deposit rate circled by two arrows above a deposit code consisting of five black dots, as well as the letters “Pant A”, “Pant B” or “Pant C”. The letters indicate whether the deposit is DKK 1.00, 1.50 or 3.00, respectively.

You may deposit mark products in two ways

You may choose primary marking: the deposit mark is printed directly on the packaging or on the label of the packaging.

You may also choose secondary marking: manual marking using a self-adhesive deposit mark that can only be purchased from Dansk Retursystem and should be attached thereafter.

You are free to choose primary or secondary marking.

Special deposit marking

Under certain circumstances, the Statutory Order also enables Dansk Retursystem to approve a different type of self-adhesive deposit mark, such as for non-standard packaging or unusual types of marketing.

Technical assessment A or B

In Denmark, there is free choice of packaging. It is therefore up to you how your bottles look and what materials you use. However, if you combine materials such as plastic and metal, this may result in paying a higher charge than the charges published on our website. The reason is that Dansk Retursystem cannot send the packaging off for recycling with other material, since this type of packaging requires extra processing to ensure that it is recycled optimally.

Can it be scanned by a reverse vending machine?

When you send a bottle to Dansk Retursystem as part of the registration process, we will also always check whether the bottle can be accepted and scanned by a reverse vending machine. Not all bottles are suitable for this purpose: for example, very small or very large bottles. The shape of some bottles can prevent correct rotation in the reverse vending machine, and they cannot be identified easily.

Based on your registration application, you will always receive information on the extent to which a reverse vending machine can scan your packaging and whether the shape of a bottle presents scanning problems for the machine. Your certificate of packaging registration will show whether a bottle has been give an A or B technical assessment.

If a reverse vending machine cannot scan the packaging, it will be given a B technical assessment. This may mean that consumers will have to return the packaging manually to receive their deposit back.