If you import or produce beverages that are registered with the Danish deposit and return system, you must collect a deposit on the packaging that you sell in Denmark.

Deposits are chargeable on both refillable bottles and one-way packaging.

  • Deposits on refillable bottles (bottles that are washed and refilled) are settled directly with the retailers by the importer and producer of the products. The deposit rates on refillable packaging are not immediately visible because the packaging does not have a deposit mark.
  • Deposits on one-way packaging are settled between the importer and producer and Dansk Retursystem, which refunds the deposits to the retailers when the empty packaging has been counted.

The deposit amount for refillable bottles may be greater than the equivalent amount for one-way packaging with the deposit marks A, B and C. Possible exceptions, which must be approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, are when the cost of production significantly exceeds the fixed deposit rates. Packaging of this type must clearly show that permission to collect a higher deposit has been given.