The purpose of Dansk Retursystem’s Contact Group is to ensure effective communication with stakeholders that are not represented on Dansk Retursystem’s Board of Directors.

Dansk Retursystem’s Contact Group is a legally mandated communication and hearing entity. The Contact Group receives information and status updates on financial, operational and strategic projects related to Denmark’s deposit and return system, including the status of the work by the Board of Directors and with the public authorities on such things as changes in legislation.

In addition to ensuring effective communication with the stakeholders not represented on the Board of Directors, the purpose of the Contact Group is also to share knowledge among members of the Group and Dansk Retursystem in areas in which both are involved. The Group holds 2–3 regular meetings annually.


The Contact Group comprises suppliers (producers, importers and intermediaries), the retail trade and stakeholder organizations – all connected with the sector. Members of the Contact Group are prohibited from being among Dansk Retursystem’s owners or its Board of Directors or in any other manner being represented on Dansk Retursystem’s other permanent committees or being employed by the company. In principal, the Contact Group is open to everyone, although the aim is to have a balanced composition in keeping with the purpose of the Group.

Current members:

  • Danish Beer Enthusiasts     –     consumer organization
  • Nærbutikkernes Landsforening – representing small companies handling returns
  • Association of Danish Restaurants and Cafes     –     representing small companies within the hotel, restaurant and catering sector
  • Coca-Cola Nordic Services ApS    – producer
  • Aqua D’or Mineral Water A/S     – producer
  • TheoBrands A/S     – importer
  • Hansen & Co. A/S    – importer
  • Peter Skafte ApS    – importer and intermediary
  • Bryggeriet S.C. Fuglsang A/S    – brewery
  • Danish Consumer Council (vacant) – consumer organization

If you would like to find out more about the Contact Group at Dansk Retursystem or would like to become a member, please contact Deputy CEO Heidi Schütt Larsen at [email protected].