Dåserydderens ø er et onlineunivers fyldt med læring

The teaching material ‘Dåserydderen’ for grades 2–4 is about recycling and with both online games and teaching activities in Danish.

Chad Can and his recycling friends are the key members of the Can Clan, who teach schoolchildren in grades 2–4 about the reasons why empty bottles and cans are melted to make new bottles and cans.

The Can Clan material is comprehensive and varied and can be combined in several ways so that it fits your class and the time you have available. It can be specific to the nature/technology subject or be a supplement in physical education classes, supportive teaching, theme days or interdisciplinary theme weeks.

The Can Clan fulfils some of the academic goals in the nature/technology subject and contains suggestions for fitness activities and an evaluation quiz. In addition, teachers can get help in planning a course.