On which bottles and cans will I get the deposit back?

Deposits will be refunded on empty bottles and cans that have the Danish deposit mark if the reverse vending machine can read the barcode, deposit mark and the shape of the packaging. If you return bottles and cans manually, the barcode, deposit mark and the shape must be visible.

Your deposits will also be refunded on bottles that the breweries reuse and refill. One example is the classic green beer bottle. This is known as refillable packaging and has no deposit mark. So check your receipt to see whether you paid a deposit when you purchased the bottle.

What do I do with damaged bottles and cans?

If a bottle or can is crushed or defaced, you can try to return it to a store that receives bottles and cans manually. This requires the store selling bottles or cans of the same material, regardless of the product brand.

You will only be refunded the deposit if a store employee can see, or the reverse vending machine can read, the barcode, deposit mark and the shape of the packaging.

You can always put damaged bottles and cans in the special deposit sacks from Dansk Retursystem and deliver them to a Pantstation (deposit return bank). Even though you will not be refunded the deposit, the bottles and cans will be recycled to benefit the environment.

What do I do with large bottles and cans?

Some bottles and cans up to 20 litres also have a deposit mark but cannot be put into a reverse vending machine. To get your deposit back, you must return these to the store from which you purchased them.

What do I do with soft drink and beer crates?

You will receive your deposit back on soft drink and beer crates to make it attractive for you to return them. The breweries will reuse them, so the crates must be returned to a store that sells bottles of exactly that brand. Stores may refuse crates from other suppliers.

What do I do with cans purchased abroad?

You will not get deposits refunded on cans purchased abroad. However, you can deliver them to a Pantstation (deposit return bank) and to some reverse vending machines. The stores themselves decide whether they will receive cans from abroad. You can always return them to a Pantstation. The aluminium will be used to manufacture new cans, which is good for the environment.

Must the screw top be left on the bottle?

You get your deposit back regardless of whether the top is on the bottle or not. However, it’s a good idea to leave the top with the bottle so it can be recycled along with the bottle.