See the refund amounts for various types of bottles and cans.

The backbone of the Danish deposit and return system is the ABC deposit system, because different amounts are refunded for ‘Pant A’, ‘Pant B’ and ‘Pant C’.

The amount refunded depends on the type of material used in the bottles and cans, the volume of each bottle or can and whether the bottle or can will be recycled or reused.

Bottles and cans with a deposit mark are one-way (disposable) packaging that can be recycled, melted and turned into new bottles and cans. The refunds on one-way packaging are:

  • Pant A = DKK 1.00 (glass bottles and aluminium cans less than 1 litre)
  • Pant B = DKK 1.50 (plastic bottles less than 1 litre)
  • Pant C = DKK 3.00 (all bottles and cans of 1–20 litres)

Bottles without a deposit mark are refillable packaging that can be cleaned and refilled: for example, the green beer bottle. The deposit you pay on refillable packaging at the point of sale is refundable as follows:

  • Glass bottles under 0.5 litres = DKK 1.00
  • Glass bottles over 0.5 litres = DKK 3.00
  • Plastic bottles under 1 litre = DKK 1.50
  • Plastic bottles over 1 litre = DKK 3.00

The statutory order does not regulate crates for beer, soft drinks and other beverages. Stores can therefore set the deposit amount. The stores inform about the deposit amounts for each type of crate.