Dåser købt i udlandet kan også genanvendes

Help the environment and return cans purchased outside Denmark.

Many people buy beer and soft drinks abroad, such as at the border between Denmark and Germany. There are no deposits on these bottles and cans because Danish law does not apply.

You can still return the bottles and cans, for example, to a Pantstation (deposit return bank). You will not get any deposits, but you will be doing the environment a big favour. This conserves raw materials, because recycling the material takes a lot less energy than producing new bottles and cans.

For example, manufacturing a can from a used can requires 95% less energy than producing a brand new can. A new can also requires extracting 4 kg of bauxite ore to produce 1 kg of aluminium, and this strains the ecosystem.

New bottles and cans can only be made from empty bottles and cans if they have not been mixed with other items made of aluminium, plastic and glass. Denmark has very strict requirements about the quality of the material that can be used for food products.