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The Statutory Order on Deposits defines how the deposit and return system operates.

Denmark’s deposit and return system is regulated politically by a statutory order under the Environmental Protection Act. The Statutory Order on Deposits defines such things as: the beverages and packaging on which producers must place a deposit mark; who has to accept the empty bottles and cans returned by consumers; and how Dansk Retursystem has to manage the system.

Since 2002, Dansk Retursystem has had the exclusive right to operate the deposit and return system, which collects, counts, sorts and separates bottles and cans and sends them for recycling. The exclusive right also imposes a duty on Dansk Retursystem to always be efficient and to keep the costs as low as possible.

Dansk Retursystem therefore puts all its major tasks out for competitive tender to optimize the price and the consideration of both the environment and the working environment. In addition, Dansk Retursystem continually works to make its operations and the collection of bottles and cans as efficient as possible.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency monitors the Dansk Retursystem’s activities. Dansk Retursystem is evaluated before the exclusive rights are awarded for a new term.