Consumers, breweries and stores all contribute to recycling bottles and cans.

Thanks to all the actors involved, the Danish deposit and return system is one of the best in the world because the majority of empty bottles and cans are recycled.

Producers, importers and the breweries contribute by selling bottles and cans that can be used again or recycled.

Danes contribute by returning their empty bottles and cans to the system instead of discarding them.

Shops, offices, cafés, restaurants and similar places contribute by receiving the empty bottles and cans and storing them until Dansk Retursystem collects them.

Finally, Dansk Retursystem makes sure that the bottles and cans are sorted, separated and sent to specialized plants that melt the bottles and cans so that the material can be used to make new bottles and cans.

The deposit and return system is a well-oiled rotating cog ensuring that bottles and cans can be used again and again.