Read about fees from producers, unclaimed deposits and income from the sale of aluminium, glass and plastic.

The Danish deposit and return system is one of the few areas in which producers and importers pay for packaging to be recycled. Dansk Retursystem operates the system and is a non-profit company with three sources of income:

  1. Aluminium, glass and plastic from returned bottles and cans are sold to companies that process the material and manufacture new packaging from it. Dansk Retursystem receives the income from the sale.
  2. About 10% of all bottles and cans sold are not returned. These unclaimed deposits contribute to operating the deposit and return system and making it more efficient. The 2013 Finance Act required that Dansk Retursystem transfer some of the unclaimed deposits to the state budget over a period of five years.
  3. Producers and importers of bottled and canned beverages pay an annual fee for marketing beverages on which deposits are payable. This is a political decision enacted by law. The fees vary for each type of bottle or can depending on the volume of the bottle or can and how easy it is to recycle the material.

The fees are calculated each year based on the expenditure of Dansk Retursystem versus the income. The fees are required to solely reflect the exact costs of operating and administering an efficient deposit and return system.